Connecting to a Connected Life

 The modern consumer has a connected life – which could mean trouble for your product.

When designing a digital product, whether it’s a site, a social experience, an app or a connected device, we must not create ‘in a bubble.’

We must understand our user’s expectations & environment.  If we don’t understand how our product will be used, how can we expect to build the best product possible?


Constantly connected

Gartner is predicting that the typical family will have 500+ smart devices by 2022.  More than 500 in one home! Even today, technology is now woven into the fabric of our lives.  And as products improve, markets mature and people’s comfort levels increase, this integration will only increase.

Consider the ‘Frightful Five’: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google & Microsoft.  Each has built several enormous technologies that are central to just about everything consumers do with computers.  Moreover, their continual acquisition of companies, development of technologies and R&D will further solidify this position.  They know more about you than your family and their goal is to increase your reliance on their products.


In short, your consumer has a connected life.  The typical person in the Western world is:

  • Constantly Connected – with all of the distractions that entails
  • Instant Society – we live in a society in which we expect immediate results
  • On demand – anytime, any place

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