Why Every Leader Should Be Active on Social Media

Four Reasons a Leader Must Be Actively Engaged on Social Media


Leaders and social media

I’m continually surprised to discover how many leaders are not actively involved on social networks. I can completely relate to the typical reasons for not engaging: too busy, not convinced of the ROI, an unwillingness to look awkward while gaining experience – and did I mention how busy I am?  But like anything meaningful, the learning curve can be sharp, but worth the rewards awaiting around the corner worthwhile.


Here are 4 key reasons, you, as a leader, should be active and building engaged communities on social media:

  1. Be Known as a Thought Leader

Hard work and experience have resulted in your leadership role.  Now it’s time to demonstrate that expertise in the marketplace and expose a world of opportunities. By creating an expansive digital network, you will have a more prominent voice in your industry and be able to shine a light on what you think is important.  You’ll also find that new career opportunities will be presented to you… and it’s always good to have options.


What do you want to be known for? Begin publishing and you’ll soon create a community.  Your social profiles are a way for people to get to know you both personally and professionally (you dictate how much of your personal life you expose). By finely honing your community, you’ll discover your engagement rates will continually increase as will your reputation.


  1. Earned Media: Marketing, PR and Lead Generation

whether you work for an organization or lead your own company, potential customers, partners, media outlets, suppliers, and/or shareholders will begin looking to you as a source of credible information.  Everything you share has the potential to influence, especially if you have built trust and credibility. Use your sphere of influence to impact conversations that matter to you.


You’ll discover an effective social strategy is a conversation and not a continual promotion of your product/company.  Consider this an opportunity to tell interesting stories, share industry content, and whatever else excites you and your following. Note what sparks the greatest response in your audience, continue to deliver on that need and you’ll soon establish a rapport and become a trusted resource.  Once they are ready to engage services you offer, you’ll be top-of-mind and have a distinct advantage.


  1. Social Media is Where the People You Lead Are


    I’m Your Leader, follow me!

As a leader, it helps to understand that which is common for the people you are attempting to lead. If you do not embrace social media, you are artificially limiting how you can connect with the people you are leading. You’ll gain insight into those around you while the people are able to connect with you in an unprecedented way.


  1. Learn or Fall Behind:

Perhaps most importantly, you can connect with other leaders and learn from them for free.  Leaders of all sorts are sharing ideas, advice and posting updates that could help you improve as a leader.  When you connect with them on social media, it can also open doors to conversations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  As leaders we must be continually improving ourselves and social media can be a first-rate university.


Where Should You Begin?

It can be a daunting task to create a digital community from scratch. Keep in mind that everyone is an expert (or becoming an expert) in something. What is your one thing?  Begin with it and find one platform that you want to develop and focus on excelling on it.  Still need help?  We’re always here for you.

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