Despite the Echo, IoT Remains the Wild West; Is Google the New Sheriff In Town?

IoT Alert: Will Google Home Usurp Amazon Echo in the Smart Home?

Amazon’s Echo was Amazon’s surprise hit last year.  Echo is the platform Amazon will use to jump further into Internet of Things (IoT) and highlights an ambitious smart home and IoT effort.  Echo is currently the defacto standard which explains why competitors such as Samsung and WeMo are making their products compatible.  The subsequent release of Echo Dot and Tap are part of “equate to Amazon Everywhere strategy.”

While some are predicting that Sony’s smart home product Experia Agent might beat the Amazon Echo, many have wondered why Google & Apple haven’t stepped into the fray in a big way.

At Google’s I/O event, Gogoogle-io2016ogle unveiled its Amazon Echo competitor. Google Home is a speaker with which users can interact with natural voice commands. Like the Echo, Google Home will be able to answer questions, provide weather updates, control a
smart home (including Google’s Nest devices), and of course, play music. “It will deliver rich bass and clear highs all from a beautiful compact form factor,” said vice president of product management Mario Queiroz. “Further in the future we’ll work with developers to make it possible to control things beyond the home, like booking a car, ordering dinner, sending flowers to mom, and much, much more.” The company said Google Home will be released later this year.


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