11 Ways UX Can Be Applied to a Connected Life

11 Best Practices for Applying UX Principles

In this post, we discussed how the modern consumer has a connected life – which could mean trouble for your product.  UX can alleviate some of those issues.

When developing a digital product (whether it’s a connected device, web site, social experience or mobile), user satisfaction and consumption can be increased by applying UX best practices.  This approach improves the usability, accessibility, and pleasure derived in interacting with that product.

As an entertainment veteran, I’ve spent my career making connections with consumers.  ‘CONNECTIONS’ is an easy acronym to help you to remember some of those best practices.

UX infographic

UX Infographic

C Convenient – how easily is it accessed?

O Obstacles are removed; you’ve reduced barriers to entry

N Nimble – Responsive/fast, clear and concise

N Needs – Know your audience.  What needs are being met? How is it relevant?

E Engaging – compelling, satisfying to use and fosters consumption

C Consistent – once visual metaphors are learned, they do not change

T Tested – test & iterate as needed

I Intuitive – a nearly effortless understanding of the architecture and navigation

O Obliging – if the user makes a mistake, the interface is forgiving

N Naturalness – use language & concepts that are familiar to the audience; the product performs as expected

S Situation – in what context is this product being used?


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