Social Media 101: Top 3 Ways To Identify the Perfect Hashtag

Leaders who have made the decision to engage in social media, should obviously strive to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. 

Using hashtags is one of the easiest and effective ways to expand your influence beyond your current followers.  The impact of hashtags is greatest on Twitter and Instagram, but can be used effectively on Facebook as well.


Using relevant hashtags enables people who are searching for those keywords to find your updates and subsequently  potentially follow you.  Moreover, identifying the right hashtag is critical for monitoring and engagement.

Below are some of the ways you can research and identify relevant hashtags:

  1. Find trending hashtags

There are two potential approaches: you can identify a trending topic and leverage it by making a meaningful contribution.  

The other approach is to identify which topics are trending in your sphere of influence (your industry/hobby/interest/specialty). A helpful tool for this is

Another tool,, provides information such as a 24-hour graph trend and the most prolific users for that hashtag. [Note that the ability to find related hashtags is limited to paid members.]

  1. Research what influencers are using.

You can manually examine the feeds of influencers you’ve identified, or you can use a tool such as Twitonomy. Ascertain what leaders in your area of focus are using and see which hashtags they have found effective with their audience.


  1. Brainstorm then Verify

Keep in mind that your audience considers you the expert. Brainstorm which keywords will be of interest to your audience then use the aforementioned tools to confirm your picks, to find related hashtags and to see which are the most popular.  Another tool for this is Rite Tag.

Regardless of what hashtags you begin using, you’ll soon discover your influence growing. 

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